Fishing salmon in Lakselv

Fishing salmon in Lakselv

The origin of its name lives up to all expectations of the place Lakselv. For generations, the place has taken care of nature at all levels. This has resulted in the world's northernmost pine forest, but also insane fishing lakes with salmon you have previously only seen on TV. 

If you are a fishing enthusiast and want new and wilder fishing experiences, we can safely recommend Lakselv. Here you will find countless fishing lakes perfect for salmon fishing, some better known than others. We believe the conditions are right to make some good memories when salmon fishing.

If you want to experience salmon fishing in exquisite waters, we are the obvious choice - here you will find several of Norway's most beautiful fishing lakes.

Some practical information about salmon fishing in Lakselva

Perhaps you have already heard of fishing salmon in Lakselva? This is one of the most famous fishing lakes here in Lakselv. Lakselva is about 100 km long and is located in the county of Finnmark in northern Norway. Here it is typically catched around eight tonnes of salmon each year. The river runs through Karasjok and all the way to Porsangerfjorden which is connected to the Barents Sea. Lakselv is the 17th biggest river in Nordland and surrounded by magnificent nature, the river has become quite the famous fishing destination.

When does the fish bite best in Lakselv?

Usually the period from St. Hans onwards to about 10th August is the best time for the most intense fishing experiences. During this time you can take part in salmon fishing resulting in salmons that weigh more than 15 kg!

Is this your first time salmon fishing in Lakselv?

Enthusiasts who have not fished in Lakselva before, are advised to take a closer look at the Elveguiden for electronic purchase of fishing licenses.

You can also buy a fishing license at our hotel.

To catch one of these bad boys will definitely require some patience and knowledge about salmon fishing, but when first into the game, chances are you will be hooked. There are both opportunities to go salmon fishing in Lakselv on your own (with a license) or to make use of an experienced fishing guide, teaching you how to fish properly.

Hotel with good fishing tips

Would you like some tips to go salmon fishing in Lakselv? We recommend you who like fishing waters that are unknown to most people, and where the fish have not seen people for several years, to use our local knowledge. We have an invaluable experience from our area that has been through generations. We share everything with you who want a fishing trip with the little extra.

Accommodation close to the salmons

If you want accommodation in Lakselv, we are the perfect alternative as we are located in the heart of all the fishing lakes and all the fun.

The hotel can offer 44 double and single rooms (also allergy rooms) all with shower, WC, cable TV, WIFI, and hairdryer. The hotel also has two rentable saunas and a small fitness room with simple exercise equipment. Perfect for you who want to live close to the fishing experiences and salmons.

More activities than just fishing

The area also consists of beautiful hiking terrain that can be experienced both in summer and winter. We can proudly offer one of Norway's most beautiful national parks, as well as adapted cultural trails and other sights. You can also rent bicycles and kickstands at our hotel, and we collaborate with players for snowmobile rental and trips.

Varied diet with more than just salmon

There can be a lot of fish on salmon fishing in Lakselv. For those of you who want a varied diet, we can recommend our restaurant at the hotel. Here you can choose from fantastic local dishes. We are known for offering varied and good food that is mainly based on ingredients from local suppliers.

We warmly welcome you to contact us for more information about both fishing experiences and accommodation in Lakselv!